Alice and Olivia Ilisa Watercolor Wedge Sandals

I have two problems with the shoe trend survey that Huffington Post brought to our attention last week. First, I’m having a massively difficult time believing that men find wedges more offensive to their sensitive aesthetic tastes than both UGGs and Crocs. Second, I’m having nearly as difficult a time imagining a shoe-lover who would actually take that information, were it true, to heart. From what I’ve heard from our TalkShoes readers, the only person you’re looking to please with your footwear is you.

Sure, there is a time and place for considering the whims of the opposite sex – that’s true for both men and women. When I’m going on a first date, for example, I try to pick an outfit, shoes included, that both represents my personality and will be understandable to a dude who doesn’t know much, if anything, about fashion. Knowing how to translate your personal style to fit a particular audience is part of dressing, after all. In my mind, though, that wouldn’t include forgoing an entire genre of footwear. If I loved wedges, I would absolutely wear them early and often in front of a guy, with little thought to whether or not it would be a problem. As it is, I’ve worn everything from Converse sneakers, to combat boots, to Birkenstocks, to Miu Miu oxfords with giant rhinestones covering the heel on first and second dates. To paraphrase the Spice Girls: If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my shoes.

In a larger sense, I always find these kind of gender-generalizing surveys to be a little bit specious. Not only was this one conducted by the questionably scientific “,” but I’ve found so many similar surveys to be inaccurate in the past. I don’t know how many beauty magazines have promised me over the years that men hate red lipstick, but when I finally became an adult with enough balls to wear it freely, the positive male reaction (and not just from people I knew, but from random men on the street and subway), was notable, to say the least.

So wear your wedges with confidence, ladies. Not only because men probably don’t care, but because you probably don’t either.


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