Rihanna wears Manolo Blahnik Three-Strap Sandals in Paris (5)

At what point do we just rename this blog TalkRihanna’sShoes? After setting up camp in London for several weeks, Rihanna has finally moved on to Paris. Here she is coming out of a Parisian restaurant with bestie Melissa Forde, wearing Manolo Blahnik Three Strap Sandals – a style which quite expertly showcases her rather obtuse Egyptian foot ink. These shoes are from Manolo Blahnik Spring 2013 and appear to have sold out, tragically, but you can shop all things Manolo Blahnik via Neiman Marcus.

Rihanna lays claim to at least two pairs of these sandals – we spotted her in the holographic version on her way to a London nightclub with a Stella McCartney clutch over on Purseblog just a few weeks ago. We also featured her in these stylistically similar Manolo Blahnik Fersen Sandals on TS even more recently. Manolos Blahnik heels and Tom Ford boots seem to make up about 90% of Rihanna’s footwear selections as of late, but we certainly can’t fault her for that.

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