Naot Orlando Sandals

Yep. I’ve crossed over to the dark side. Judge me if you must, but my feet are happy. While these Naot Orlando Sandals may not be actual Birkenstocks, they do adhere stylistically to the Birkenstock trend that’s exploded this year, at least partly because Ashley Olsen tacitly gave her endorsement to the sandals in 2012. When an Olsen wears something, often fashion people follow, and a lot of us have been unable to resist these foot-saving sandals.

Olsen famously sported the Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals, which I’ve seen on chic women all over New York over the past two months, and most industry women in my age range will admit, if asked, that these are far from the first Birkenstocks or Birk-type sandals we’ve had. I wore my fair share of both the clogs and two-strap sandals in brown suede in high school, and I’m not at all sad to be back to the style, this time in a more stylish silver leather version.

After wearing these shoes several days a week since Memorial Day, I’ve completely broken them in (most of the scars are fading) and they’ve become my daily go-tos. I like them for what I’m guessing (hoping) is the same reason Ashley Olsen did – they’re comfortable, simple and have a modernist sort of charm to them that feels like more than a “hippie” shoe. (Believe me, I’m no hippie.) If you’re feeling the love as well, you can pick up this pair via Orva.


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