Essie Butler Please

Heading into the Fourth of July long weekend in the US, I was tempted to go on a search for the perfect red nail polish to celebrate our country’s colors in this edition of Pedicure of the Week. After a few minutes, though, it hit me: red nail polish is not that exciting. Sure, it’s pretty, and a great red can make you feel vampy and sexy at times, but in this day and age of nail polish diversity, nothing gets me more excited to look down at my toes than a good blue like Essie Butler Please. Luckily, blue is in our national palette as well.

This Essie shade isn’t bang-on for the royal blue that you find in America’s flag, but it still totally counts. (I’m an American by birth, and I say so, that’s why.) The slight purple undertones of this shade give it depth and richness, and because it’s a fairly deep shade, it won’t show a lot of obvious wear after a day spent outdoors in flip-flops or playing around at the beach. Plus, look how great this color looks next to white – whip out your favorite pale sandals immediately. Buy through Ulta for $8.

  • Lea

    I used this color for my pedi a while back too… Love it!

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