Miranda Kerr wears the Isabel Marant Caleen Studded Booties (5)

The boots-and-a-dress look, seen here on Miranda Kerr, is one of my favorites…on other people. I have lots of cute little booties and lots of cute little dresses, and no matter the combination in which I put them on my body, I just look shorter and stouter than I already am. Unsurprisingly, Miranda Kerr does not have that problem with her Isabel Marant Caleen Studded Booties.

It helps, of course, that Miranda Kerr has long, slender legs that aren’t shortened too much by the boots, and the hidden wedge in these probably also provides some length. (See? I don’t hate all hidden wedges. Just the ones that aren’t really hidden.) The short length of the dress is also key, but most of us should still approach this look with caution. I’ll continue to try my hand at it from time to time, but it’s definitely an easier go for the Miranda Kerrs of the world. But then again, what isn’t? If you’ve got gumption, pick up these boots for $890 via Net-a-Porter.

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  • shueaddict

    my uber-cool ( and rich) grilfriend has these boots, I tried them on and they are super comfy. Amazingly, they seem to go with pretty much everything. I tried them with a cutsie Marant dress – I just looked dumpy … and yes … shoter and fatter.
    My cool friend wears them mostly with jeans or shorts .

    • lunaya

      It is wonderful look

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