Miu Miu Wedge Sneakers

Just when I thought we were over this whole sneaker-wedge thing, just when I thought that Isabel Marant’s star-making product might go gently into that good night without spawning too many more look-alikes, one of my favorite shoe brands betrays me. I honestly thought that Miuccia Prada would be above doing something like the Miu Miu Wedge Sneaker, but it appears as though I was wrong. (And not only was I wrong, but Prada has one too.) Miuccia’s a business woman, of course, but this addition to the line just seems a bit…late in the game.

If this sneaker were a regular flat, I would have no gripes. In fact, I’d likely be plotting a way to procure it for myself; black, studs and animal print are all things that I adore wearing, and this design uses them all pretty well. I just can’t stand to look at another sneaker with that awkward wedge-bump at the back. It’s not aesthetically pleasing. A wedge isn’t hidden if you can see it from the outside, and you guys, we can all see these wedges. And when I say “these,” I don’t mean just these shoes. I mean all of the “hidden” sneaker wedges. Why have we let them pretend that they’re hidden for so long? We are all much too kind.

For the moment, I’m going to mourn the wedge-caused imperfection of these sneakers. When I’m over it, I’m going to go remind myself that this trend can’t possibly go on for too much long, and for now, at least it’s nearly a thousand dollars that I don’t have to worry about spending. Buy for $990 via Nordstrom.

  • shueaddict

    oh dear Lord!!! it looks like the remains of a very unfirtunate safari accident.

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