Walter Steiger Tadpole Floral Curved Heels

With the season of white pants and shorts upon us, this is usually the time of year where my shoes get a little funkier. Naturally, I was perusing the shoe pages and came across these Walter Steiger Tadpole Floral Print Curved Heels. In the tiny thumbnail they looked perfect, just the kind of shoe I was looking for to kick of my new summer shoe wardrobe. When I zoomed into the picture, my opinions quickly changed.

This shoe is a total Monet – a term coined by the classic movie Clueless to express when something looks great from afar, but is a total mess up close. What I once thought was a beautiful floral print on the shoe actually turned out to be a scrunched up crinkly fabric, the kind that reminds me of those one-size-fits-all stretchy shirts they once sold at cheap teen-clothing stores. Fabric aside, the actual silhouette of the shoe is really nice, and I’ve always been a lover of the curved heel. Now if only we could just get the fabric fixed. If you happen to be a fan of the shoe you can purchase them for $795 at Bergdorf Goodman.


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