LeAnn Rimes wears Isabel Marant Bekket Sneaker Wedges in NYC (1)

Here’s LeAnn Rimes in NYC, proving that sneaker wedges are not dead yet in a pair of the original Isabel Marant Bekket Sneaker Wedges. Every time we start wondering aloud if sneaker wedges are a little played out, some celeb proves there’s still a little life left in the trend, even though everyone including Skechers now has their own Isabel Marant sneaker wedge imitation. These shoes are available for $795 at Net-a-Porter.

LeAnn was in the city doing press for her new album. Frankly, I’m glad to see her looking fit and healthy instead of sick. LeAnn’s life has been just a tad dramatic in recent years, and I think we can all agree it’d be nice to see it return to some degree of normalcy. I’m not sure if buying her new album will help forward that effort or not…I’ll leave that to your discretion.

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  • Urgh i just want this trend to die already, my patience has its limits!

  • Anna

    gosh she looks so fat in those

  • laura

    I don’t want to say she looks fat but compared to what she looked like a few months ago, she’s really gained some weight. is that normal? pregnant?

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