Gameday Boot Company College Gameday Cowboy Boots

First: I’ve never been so confused in my life, y’all.

Second: Let me be clear. I grew up outside of Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia, so this is not my first time at the theme-boot rodeo, so to speak. I’ve seen boots with my school’s logo on them before, and my thought has always been the same. Namely, that anyone buying a pair of those monstrosities isn’t doing much to battle southern stereotypes. Now I know that the problem is wider than that, and that Neiman Marcus is enabling those poor theme-shoe decisions by carrying literally dozens of Gameday Boot Company University Cowboy Boots.

This stock choice makes a little more sense when you remember that Neiman Marcus is based in Texas, but as much shoe ridiculousness as I’m willing to put up with, I cannot abide these things. I’m mostly fine with cowboy boots – after all, they’re some of the most detailed and finely constructed everyday shoes on the market, and they’re well worth the prices that most of us pay for less detailed, lower quality shoes – and I love school spirit. I flew back to Atlanta in April so that I could go watch a Georgia football scrimmage. Not even a real game! A scrimmage. But slapping a patch on a boot is a poor way to combine the two.

I’m interested in what kind of market research NM has on their online customers that would indicate their thirst for exactly this kind of product, and I’m even more interested to see when and if these boots (all 61 pairs of them) get marked down. In the meantime, you can shop the full selection via Neiman Marcus – both tall and short versions for a variety of colleges (including some outside of the South) retail for $399.

Gameday Boot Company University of Florida Cowboy Boots Gameday Boot Company University of Georgia Cowboy Boot

  • shueaddict

    I am not American … so please indulge my ignorance – is that croc on the boot a reference to the Florida Gators?
    These boots just scream “redneck” to me … sorry.

    • Yep, they’re all references to US colleges, mostly in the South and Midwest. And they are incredibly redneck. I can say that as an expert.

  • laura

    I live in Texas and I think this is beyond ridiculous. I can’t believe Neiman Marcus sells these…

  • Lucieiswild

    Too bad you people have to make a ‘politically (liberal) correct’ issue out of a pair of boots. A fun little boot upsets you? Grow up!

  • Alison

    I think these are great! Good cowboy boots are expensive, these are even better!

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