Sarah Jessica Parker wears Swedish Hasbeens Cobra Super High Clogs in NYC (5)

Sometimes, Sarah Jessica Parker attempts to foil the paparazzi by dressing like a normal human being who doesn’t sleep in a pair of Manolo Blahniks. On those occasions, she frequently dons a very reasonable-looking pair of Swedish Hasbeens Cobra Super High Clogs. (Her efforts aren’t always successful, of course.) These clogs are far more affordable then 99% of the shoes we see adorning the feet of SJP. You can purchase them for $195 at Swedish Hasbeen.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a big fan of Swedish Hasbeens, they’re in her regular summer rotation, and truth be told, I really like them too. I like their kooky, Scandinavian vibe and their vintage silhouette. They’re strangely reminiscent of a 1930’s/1940’s dress shoe, and I’d feel pretty safe plodding around in these through cobblestone streets, parks, and other cityscapes with those sturdy wooden heels.

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