Miley Cyrus wears Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps to a MySpace party (5)

Please do not look directly at the pants in question – it only encourages Miley Cyrus to keep dressing like this. Yes, they’re some sort of sweat pants/mom jeans hybrid, it’s terrible, I know. Instead, point your eyes toward her lovely white Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps (they really are Pigalles this time, not Batignolles, we swear) or her sweet Chanel Fall 2013 Backpack. You can get a gorgeous, glittery version of the Pigalles for $625 at Neiman Marcus.

This is what Miley wore to a MySpace party in CA, and I’m guessing her outfit is garnering more attention for MySpace than they’ve seen in some time. White pumps are a huge trend right now – you can check out our top 10 white designer shoe picks for this summer here. Hybrid pants? Not so much! (Please oh please don’t ever be a thing!)

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  • shueaddict

    yes, I totally missed the CL’s – trying to avert my eyes from those hideous pants.
    I still do not own ANY white footwear … not even strappy sandals.

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