Givenchy PVC Banded Cone-Heel Boots

Well, first of all, I don’t really buy the idea that the Givenchy PVC Band Cone-Heels Boots are actually boots at all. Why do designers and retailers want to call everything a boot these days, and what exactly are their criteria for making such a distinction? Sure, this shoe zips up the back, but so do my gladiator sandals, and other than the ankle strap, those are little more than glorified flip-flops. They’re certainly not boots, and neither are these Givenchy PVC Cone-Heel Boots, no matter how hard the name tries to fool you.

With little more than a strip of plastic and a strip of elastic holding the wearer’s foot in place, these shoes definitely venture far enough into “sandal” territory for me to feel comfortable disagreeing with Riccardo Tisci or whoever else is responsible for naming these heels. (At this point, you may be wondering – no, we’re not going to force you to look at the now-infamous pictures of Kim Kardashian’s pregnant, swollen feet in these particular shoes.)

What else are these sandals, you guys? Give us your best adjectives, from “edgy” to “heinous.” If you’re so inclined, you can pick up a pair of these shoes at Bergdorf Goodman for $837.

  • Architectural. That’s the first thing that come to mind when I saw them. I love the wooden heel, and the idea, but somehow I believe that walking in these shoes is pretty much impossible.

  • david

    looks like a bad version of a lanvin shoe

  • shueaddict

    hmmm … experimental !!! They look like something you might see on Julianne Moore.

  • Anna

    for aliens

  • talktomyshoes

    I want to put a lightbulb in it and plug it in. It’d make a good lamp, don’t you think?

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