Saint Laurent Optical Mid-Heel Zipper Pump

A couple days ago, we talked about Christian Louboutin’s burgeoning heel-height diversity, and reactions were…mixed. Louboutin’s sky-high stilettos and platforms have a very ardent group of fans, and some of you were not amused by Louboutin’s attempts to venture beyond those aesthetic guidelines, mostly because the shoes just weren’t sexy. Is it utterly impossible for a mid-heel shoe to be sexy? I don’t think so. Neither does Hedi Slimane, apparently, because get a load of the Saint Laurent Optical Mid-Heel Zipper Pump.

Perhaps my definition of “sexy” is a bit wider, but I’ve never really associated it with immobility, or with shoes that a woman is only comfortable wearing while, er, on her back. To me, sexy doesn’t have to be for a special occasion or outfit – it can be something expressed in a demeanor, a texture or even a mid-heel shoe. Slimane, who’s so far carving out a particular rocker-chic look for himself at YSL (unsurprising, if you know his history), brings a little of that to this shoe, along with a serious dose of sexiness. Black leather and zippers fit both looks perfectly, and the illusion that the shoe is opening up to reveal something red and exciting beneath its tough exterior is exactly the sort of innuendo of which sensuality is made.

All of that is happening on this shoe, all while the heel sits at a modest three inches, low enough for most women to wear for a couple of hours without any painful regrets. If I had to write a manifesto on the topic of everyday sexiness, I’d start right here. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $844.

  • Don’t like them. Come on Hedi, impress me already!

  • comfy-not-only-on-my-back :D

    I love them!

  • To answer your question, can a mid-heel shoe be sexy? Yes it can if executed correctly and I’ve witnessed a few pairs myself but it’s a difficult task.

    And I hate to break it to you but this “thing” is nowhere near sexy. Still not impressed with Hedi… don’t think I’ll ever be to be honest which is a real shame because I was a huge YSL fan before his arrival.

    I do think if this shoe was dressed correctly it would look killer but as far as sexy goes, nope.

  • shueaddict

    great shoe ? yesssss … sexy ? not so much.
    These shoes are soooo up my alley but unexpected coming from Saint Laurent … I do miss the YSL days …. I still have these pretty unique pumps with thick wooden heels – I bought them in sale ( of course) after seeing Queen Rania of Jordan wearing them in Vogue almost a year earlier. Even now I get loads of compliments for them and scoring them on sale was the stuff shoe orgasms are made of.

  • Sara Morgan

    I so dislike what Hedi Slimane is doing to Yves Saint Laurent that I cringe when I see the ads and the truncated label. How dare this man with no real taste and the nerve to try to equate himself to the great Yves! This shoe is not sexy, it is ugly. The zipper is heavy and the 3 inch heel leaves the entire look unbalanced. I have seen sexier low heel shoes for 1/4 price that fit and feel better. How could he not understand the marketing 101 concept of DONT MESS WITH THE BRAND! DONT DILUTE THE BRAND!! So now the only Yves Saint Laurent I buy is the proper ones from Vintage stores plus the makeup and parfum! Grrrrrr

  • Abbi

    Can we please stop reading about ‘Saint Laurent’ UGH! *cringe*

    I hate hedi and what hes done to the brand…also the fact they still use the ‘Y’ on bags etc makes me froth at the mouth! IF YOU’RE DOUCHE-Y ENOUGH TO REMOVE THE ‘YVES’ THEN PLEASE REMOVE THE ‘Y’ FROM ALL THE ACCESSORIES YOU TACKY PIECE OF S@#T!

  • Guest


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