Adidas Shower SandalsWell, let’s just say we didn’t see this one coming. The Adidas Adilette Slide Sandals are making their way out of the shower and onto the feet of fashionable people. We’re serious. They’re a nostalgic shoe for many of us, especially if you were a kid growing up in the 90s. It was a shoe nearly every boy and girl owned, and could be seen paired with just about anything – socks, pants, shorts, dresses, but never in a million years did I really think that these sandals would make their way into the fashion spotlight.

With the shower sandals popping up everywhere from Instagram to editorials and even into presentations, they’re definitely making a comeback. In hindsight, the sneaker trend came quickly and now that summer has arrived, it’s only natural to want something equally as comfortable without all the foot sweat. Not only are the Adidas sandals comfortable, but with their clean and minimalistic design they can go with just about anything.

The sandals are now being looked at in a completely different light; what was once a shoe that our mothers referred to as making us “look like a slob” has now turned into “laid-back cool.” (I should have come up with that one when my mother would yell at me to change into nicer shoes back in middle school.) Back when we were all wearing them, they were just cheap, easy sandals to throw on at any given time, and nearly a decade later they’re making the rounds in the fashion world and it’s only a matter of time until designers begin to come out with their own version. So dust your off old sandals or slip into a new pair via Adidas for $30.

  • laura

    This is interesting. A few years ago I went to an (evening) event in Las Vegas where the dress code was “business” and I was shocked to see a lady wearing these particular sandals with black slacks and a dressy top. Besides inappropriate, I thought it was ridiculous. While these look “cool” in a model for editorial purposes, they won’t look good in real life situations or events, I can assure you that.

  • nappy

    This is just a direct result of Celine Glamorizing Birkenstocks.. putting on calfskin straps and mink soles… and a really high tag price

    the fashion people just stripped it down to what is real and used the basic adidas slipper instead of uber glamorizing it

  • James

    Actually, men find them very attractive on women, especially if they keep a nice pedicure. It shows sportiness, and comfort, worn by the right women.

    I dated a girl in college who worn them out barefoot and I got many complements. She had good style and knew how to wear them. Not appropriate for all situations, but guys notice and like them. That’s why they are still popular, especially in Europe.

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