Julia Louis-Dreyfus wears black patent Jimmy Choo sandals to the Critics' Choice Awards (4)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently attended the Critics’ Choice Awards in LA in a pair of the ever-popular Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals. These sandals really deserve their own award for being one of the ultimate celeb footwear choices for red carpet fashion. These classic Jimmy Choos are a celeb forever-fave for many obvious reasons – they’re a great, go-to style that pairs well with almost anything, the high heel isn’t totally outrageous, and the lines keep the eye moving so well, you almost don’t notice Julia’s pinky toes are desperately trying to abandon ship. They’re available for $775 at Jimmy Choo.

Julia took home a Critics Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in HBO’s VEEP. I enjoy VEEP a lot, though it’s more funny “HO HO” than funny “HA HA”, if you catch my meaning. Even so, I’m always grateful when great comedic actresses are given carte blanche to be funny in leading TV roles.

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  • Anna

    urgh the shoes look so so bad on her. the toes look as if they could pop out any time

  • shueaddict

    she looks great !!!
    Yep, I think this is a staple in all stylist’s closet. It gives any kind of leg a good shape, no wonder they are so popular. And as strappy heels go they rank in the top 3 most comfy.

  • Jeloi

    The shoes are gorgeous, but they look like the hurt, ie… pinky toe!

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