Christian Louboutin Miss Penniman Slingbacks

When a designer who’s famous for a very specific look finds that look at odds with trends in his industry, there are really only two outcomes: the designer dodges the trend and keeps on making the shoes he loves, hoping that business will stay strong enough to support the company until the trend pendulum swings back, or the designer can try his hand at the putting his own spin on a new look and diversify his collection to move into a new era. When platforms came en vogue, Manolo Blahnik famously took the former route; it seems as though Christian Louboutin will take the latter.

Louboutin, who has talked at length in interviews about the importance of platforms and the overrated nature of the “comfortable” shoe, isn’t too proud to make fancy footwear for those who disagree with him, all with the signature Louboutin wit. As trends for enormous platforms and their attendant spindly stilettos have fallen away, Louboutin has chosen to work more extensively at the lower end of his registry, with both flats and heels under 100mm. He’s always made shoes in those heel heights, of course, but often they were only available in basic, office-appropriate colors and materials; now those shoes are getting the full CL treatment.

The company still designs as many stilettos as ever, but it’s nice to see some diversity and range in the lower heights as well. Below, our current favorites from Net-a-Porter.

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  • Louboutin is all about sex appeal and edginess in my opinion and these don’t quite fit in with that look. Don’t be wrong, I’m glad he’s introducing lower heights and all, making the brand more appealing to others but I don’t know, it’s a bit meh.

  • Sandra

    It is just my opinion but the shoes pictured here, single soled and lovely are much preferred to the 6 inch mega platforms that I am used to seeing from CL. The pair of PVC pointy toe flats are divine!!

  • laura

    The only thing that makes these look like CB shoes is the sole and that’s it. Louboutin is known for making sexy shoes and while pretty these are not sexy. I understand that platforms and super high heels are not as hot as they used to be but there was no need for him to go the classic route. If we want more classic, low-heeled shoes, we have Manolo Blahnik.

  • florcom

    He needs to stick to sexy Sky high heels, these kitten heels are boring.

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