Charlotte Olympia Take 110 Sandals

Whether you care about movies or not, you’ve probably been made aware by the entertainment and media Powers That Be that the Cannes Film Festival is currently happening in the south of France. With Cannes comes a whole bevy of actresses, models and people who are famous for being famous, all on the red carpet in the the most Cannes-worthy of designer finery. Because the event is in France, even American actresses often take a more fashion-forward approach to dressing for their Cannes premieres, which means that sometimes, an entire cast shows up clad in black-and-white Chanel. (The folks from The Bling Ring). Naturally, though, we’re interested in the shoes.

More specifically, we want to know what you’d choose to put on your feet, were you to trot up those famous red-carpeted stairs to some sort of grand premiere. Personally, I’d be shod in the Charlotte Olympia Take 110 Metallic Sandals. I love a theme, and although these shoes might be a little too irreverent for something like the Oscars, they’re perfect for a film festival where less is at stake and everyone’s hung over from partying on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht. (No, really.)

But that’s just me – there’s no right or wrong answer to this question. After all, is there any more luxurious, decadent event than Cannes? Not that I can think of, anyway. If your answer is the same as mine, pick up these shoes for $895 via Net-a-Porter.

  • Sandra

    This is the prettiest pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes I have ever seen. CO shoes are usually so over done….big square platform with embellishment everywhere….these are beautiful.

  • Петра Бранковска

    I’m kinda obsessed with all things Nicholas Kirkwood, so in an imaginary world where I’m invited to the festival and have tons of Kirkwoods to choose from, would wear the Lace-mesh and leather sandals. They’re edgy and yet romantic. I wouldn’t mind those Charlotte Olympias too.

  • ceisaub1985

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