10 Best Designer Sneakers

Once and for all, I think we can finally put the sneaker wedge to bed. Every brand on Earth has done one by now, and I’m hoping that now that we’ve all got that out of our collective system, we can focus on something much cooler: regular sneakers. And while I’m always a proponent of picking up a pair of Nike Dunks instead of a pair of designer kicks, the latter has become very much a trend among the fashion set, so I’m here to talk about it.

Designer sneakers cost just as much as any designer shoe, and if you pick carefully, they provide just as much style. The hard part for most grown women, of course, is how you style them. If you’re going to go with any of the high-top styles we’ve featured below, I’d suggest going with something short – short shorts, a mini dress, anything to elongate the leg line. The bonus, of course, is that you’ll stay plenty cool (and plenty functional) for summer.

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  • Петра Бранковска

    I’d rather buy myself Nikes or Vans Era/Old school. I don’t find these sneakers appealing at all (except for the last pair)

  • shueaddict

    I am sorry, I am not as cool as to pull these off. I am turning 37 soon, maybe I feel I am too old for these.
    I do have about 10 pairs of Adidas by Stella various sport shoes that I sometimes mix with casual wear but that’s as far as I go.

    • Jeloi

      I agree, they appear to be for the teens and twenty something year old.

  • Haydee

    There’s that Givenchy floral sneaks again! Who would pay 500$ for such an ugly pair of shoes! I’m 20 something and i’m with the previous poster. I love me some Old school classics like chucks, vans, gola and frye.

  • elegant tomato

    You should add the Alexander Mcqueen for Puma collection. Some very nice shoes there, but these are simply too hard to pull off.

  • jennas-side.com

    I LOVE IT. amazing tre, d f you wedge sneaker, totallly completely down with designer kicks.

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