Lanvin Pink Hologram Peep Toe Pumps

Lanvin’s not immune to following along with a trend (these shoes are holographic, of course), but I’m continually impressed by often much the French brand finds ways to march to the beat of its own drummer when it comes time to make a shoe. The obvious thing to do with the Lanvin Pink Holographic Pumps would have been to turn them into a single-sole, pointed-toe stiletto, but that’s not what Lanvin opted to do. At all.

We’ve discussed my waning interest in platforms in the past, but with an implementation like this, I simply can’t be mad at a little extra oomph. The heel is so beautiful and sculptural that it justifies some balance at the front of the shoe, plus the extra height allowed by the platform gives way to a long, sloping heel that wouldn’t be achieved otherwise. When a design is thoughtful, all of my pre-conceived notions about what I like and don’t like go out the window.

I’m also not one for baby pink, in general, but there’s nothing twee or precious about the metallic finish of the heel and platform, combined with the shiny, holographic, embossed leather of the upper. It’s perfect, and it’s all perfect together, in a super-fierce Jetsons way. Buy through SSENSE for $1,850.

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  • shueaddict

    Very cool design, makes me want to rethink platforms, but the price point makes it easy. I’ll just love them from afar.

    Still, I do want to see them on someone who would do them justice with a killer outfit.

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