Mindy Kaling wears Alexander Wang Mackenzie black booties in NYC (5)

Here’s Mindy Kaling, prepping for her appearance on late-night TV while in transit, wearing killer cutout Alexander Wang Mackenzie Booties, and yes, a handful of massive hair curlers. Mindy was en route to a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in NYC. Her bag is, of course, an Hermes Birkin. You can buy the black leather and suede version of Mindy’s boots for $625 at Net-a-Porter.

Is Mindy Kaling the only only woman ever in the history of time to accessorize a Hermes Birkin with hair curlers? Somehow we doubt it. Did you catch Mindy in the series finale of The Office last week? Mindy and Ryan made one last appearance, and their story ended (SPOILERS, SPOILERS!) much like you’d expect it to. If you didn’t see the entire first season of Mindy’s latest venture, The Mindy Project, now’s a great time to catch up – it’s just been renewed for a second season!

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  • shueaddict

    I like all items individually but not put together this way. Love the boots but I don’t think they are flattering on her.

    • so what

      The boots looks good on her! Yah, I know, you people will say, she does not have legs for it …but then, if people will heed this kind of comment, there won’t be any chance at all for those to wear this type of shoes, which is truly unfair.

      • shueaddict

        I get it and I agree… no comment on her legs or weight since I am guilty of carrying an additional 20 lbs myself. Which is the reason I am forever in quest of the perfect shoe. I stopped wearing very thin heels because they look out of proportion on my thin legs but really big bum.
        So while I think the block heel is great choice for her, the strap above the ankle kind of makes her look shorter.

        • peggy

          Oh, I see..I get what you mean. I think that’s why her skirt’s length is above the knee, to compensate for her shorter legs for that strappy boots?

  • yerani_km

    I’m sorry but no. No to that tribal print disaster, not to the shoes which don’t match the outfit, and no to the bag which when wore with that ensemble looks like it was purchased off a card table in Times Square. The best thing she has going for her in this whole tragic moment is the curlers in her hair which helped me be distracted from the rest of the mess. I can only conclude that her stylist hates her.

    • so what

      I think you’re the one who should we all say NO to! By your judging, you have no style at all. She happens to like it and that’s all that matters.

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