Tory Burch Ambrosia Runway Sandals

Tory Burch is not exactly the first designer to come to mind when you think of adventurous shoes. She practically built her empire on colorful ballet flats, and while useful and comfortable, a pair of Revas or Eddies isn’t exactly pushing the envelope when it comes to footwear design. I’m not entirely sure that the Tory Burch Ambrosia Runway Sandals are exactly “pushing the envelope,” either, but they’re certainly a bold departure for a preppy, polished American brand.

The first thing that came to mind when I laid eyes on this pair of shoes was that they might be really noisy. Don’t we all have that one piece of clothing in our closets that has some kind of beading or embellishment that click-clacks against itself every time you move an inch? Mine’s a kaftan dress that sounds faintly like jingle bells because of the beadwork on the trim. It seems like these shoes might be a candidate for that role in someone’s wardrobe, although I’m betting that they’ll sound more like you’re shaking one of those fun-size boxes of Nerds candy.

Now I just want some Nerds.

Anyway, we’ve gotten off track here, but if you’d like to play our weekly footwear reindeer games, simply fill in the end of the post’s title in the comments. If you’re looking to add some noise to your wardrobe, pick up a pair of these shoes for $395 via Neiman Marcus.


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