Louis Vuitton Rosemary Pump

Although I don’t generally carry them myself, I don’t have anything specific against a monogram bag, as long as its well-executed and feels modern. Most materials, even those that tend to feel tacky or gaudy, can be used in judicious ways that retain the air of luxury that most designers are looking to cultivate. It should be about execution and context, not an inherent bias against a material. That being said, I’ve never seen a pair of logo-covered shoes that I’ve liked, including the Louis Vuitton Rosemary Pumps.

The rose-printed lining of these shoes is lovely, and if it had been on the outside, I’d probably be dreaming of the spring garden parties that their eventual owners will likely wear them to. Instead, the lovely print is hidden on the interior, with the well-known Vuitton monogram covering ever inch of the exterior. I own a couple of LV monogram bags, so it’s not that the monogram itself repels me, but it just doesn’t feel right on a shoe.

I think the problem is that I look at shoes as little sculptures, even when they’re simple. They have an artistic feel to them that isn’t quite as present in most other fashion items (especially functional fashion items), which makes this sort of logo-a-gogo treatment a turnoff. Do you own any logo-covered shoes, besides sneakers? Let us know what you think of the look in the comments.

If you disagree with me about this pair in particular, pick them up for $830 via Louis Vuitton.

  • kkkk

    i would never wear this……

  • No.

  • It looks odd, I’ve ever seen a monogram Vuitton heel, there’s something that looks weird about a monogram shoe, maybe flats or sneakers but on a pump it’s just not working. I agree that the lining should have been on the exterior

  • shueaddict

    Noooo !!! I don’t even like logo bags; I also particularly hate logo sneakers on men!
    And then it’s the problem with this particular shoe type … nothing about it screams 800 bucks. It looks like a knock-off of an older model.
    My neighbor has logo LV rain boots and despite the cute red flower print they still make her look like such a wanna be.

  • sara

    I’ve never thought about this before. Why don’t we see this more? Why would it make sense to have logos everywhere on a bag but not on shoes? Personally I don’t care for it either place. It does seem odd that we see this on bags everywhere but basically never on shoes. Hmmm. It would be one way to finally have something to coordinate with those bags. I know many people do not like matching bags to shoes but I usually like the look as long as it is not overdone.

  • FashionableLena

    If I saw a woman walking by with those shoes on, I probably wouldn’t notice the logo as much as on a handbag. In all honesty, it looks like a cheap knock-off. Aside from that, it looks as though it would be very stiff.
    As far as logo shoes go, I wouldn’t wear a dress shoe with logos. It looks a tacky. however, I do own 3 pair of Coach sneakers with the logos. The shoes are so comfortable that I could care less about the logo.

  • Maya

    Logo anything is tacky….

  • HighOnShoes.com

    They don’t necessarily need to be tacky, but there are a couple of brands that will look really fake. I think you can pull it off if you have the right accessories.

  • Jeloi

    I wouldn’t, but I’m sure alot of women would. They are actually cute to me.

  • Propafly

    I like my Chanel shoes that have a single CC on the cap toe. Those LVs, however, seem more appropriate for the brand consicious real housewives of ATL.

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