Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski and Spike Wedges

Generally, it’s not too hard to look at a pair of shoes and imagine who might wear them. Even if I can’t think of a specific name, there’s almost always a type of person that comes to mind, even if that theoretical person is maybe not the person that the designer would ideally like to see don his or her footwear. We don’t always get to pick our customers, after all. That being said, I can’t even imagine who would would wear the Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski and Spike Wedges.

The stock answer to this question is always “Lady Gaga,” but besides the fact that she can’t possibly be buying every single pair of uber-expensive Zanottis on the market, she’s got a bum hip right now and can’t be in her regular kicks. I could imagine Ke$ha in them, but I’m not entirely convinced that Ke$ha could walk in heels (or non-heels, as it were) like these. Other than that, I’m at a loss, but surely someone’s buying them, because stores keep stocking designs like this one in ever more expensive iterations.

If you’ve got the jump on me, play our little reindeer games and fill in the blank in the comments. If you’re the person I’m trying to think of, pick up a pair of these shoes for $3,150 at Luisa Via Roma.

  • panda<3shoes

    nicki minaj

  • sara

    Punk Barbie.

  • I imagine Kelly Osbourne in them. Or Katty Perry, she is quirky enough.

    • shueaddict

      ha ha … good one … Kelly would rock these

  • Bobo Mcgee

    Beyoncé, or Ciara could rock these.

  • V

    June Ambrose

  • JaneH

    Azealia Banks

  • FashionableLena

    Gaga is the obvious choice, but I’m going to also say Beyonce only as performance shoes. I could also see someone unexpected like Rita Ora.

  • Abbi

    Amanda Bynes

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