When I first saw the shoes from Fendi Spring 2013, I was delighted. Nicholas Kirkwood had stepped in to design the label’s runway footwear for the show, and out of that collaboration came interesting, counter-intuitive shoes with removable pieces that required the viewer to reconsider what constituted beautiful footwear. At its best, that’s what runway fashion is supposed to do – challenge consumers to think harder about the things they wear and what they mean. Now that I’m seeing the Fendi Spring 2013 Runway Mirrored Sandals on their own, though, I’m not as convinced.

Sure, these shoes are everything I said they were, and the fashion industry tripped all over itself to praise them in the post-show reviews of the collection. They’re still great, in a weird, fashion-y way. I don’t know that they’re actually a great piece to work into a wardrobe, though, no matter how much I want to convince myself that these can go from runway to real life. On the right woman, of course, they’d be show-stoppers. On most people, I’m afraid they might skew a bit fashion victim-y, though, and that’s even in this light, airy pastel version. The majority of the collection is rendered in colorblocked neutrals, which make the design feel unfortunately clunky outside of the context of the show.

What say you? Still love them, having doubts, or never loved them in the first place? If you’re so inclined, you can pick up a pair for $1,100 via Neiman Marcus.

  • Sandra

    They remind me of armadillo’s….but in a good way. I like them but not enough to purchase them.

  • I loved them when I saw them on the runway, and my love only deepens. Imagine styling them with skinny cropped pastel pants and a plain silk button-down. Perfection!

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