Tom Ford Fall 2013 Boots (7)

If you thought Rihanna’s crazy Tom Ford gladiator sandal-boots from earlier this week were crazy, then you might want to avert your eyes – the irrepressible Mr. Ford is taking things up a notch (ok, several notches) for his Fall 2013 shoe collection. The collection itself was an incredibly bold mix of comic book colors and multiethnic prints, and that look extended all the way down to the models’ toes. The runway show featured lots of thigh-high boots that coordinated perfectly with the unique ensembles, and it looks as though many of them are going to be available to the buying public.

With the incredible surface area that a thigh-high boot allows, they’re basically just as versatile as a regular piece of clothing when it comes to embellishment. And embellish these pieces, Tom did – patchwork suede, embroidery, you name it. Could you ever imagine yourself wearing a pair of these shoes? What about paying for them? Keep in mind, they’re likely to be priced well into (and perhaps past) the mid four figures.

Tom Ford Fall 2013 Boots (1) Tom Ford Fall 2013 Boots (2) Tom Ford Fall 2013 Boots (3) Tom Ford Fall 2013 Boots (4) Tom Ford Fall 2013 Boots (5) Tom Ford Fall 2013 Boots (6)
  • Lola

    if there is a low boots version of those shoes, they wil be more appropriate in real life. I really like the Tom Ford fall 2013 collection. It was bold, sexy, chic and tacky (but in a good way). Fashion needs that.
    It’s good to see a designer who is not doing a Celine copycat.

  • sara

    I appreciate creativity but I can’t get on board with this. For someone who does suits so impeccably, how does this happen?

  • Sandra

    At first glance I thought how creative and the more I look at them….no thanks.

  • shueaddict

    checkered thigh high peep toe boots? that’s bold !!! But I think that I preferred the Rihanna / Anne Hathaway boots/braces

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