The Row Superga Sneakers

When sneaker company Superga, newly purchased by Steve Madden, announced that the Olsen Twins would be its creative directors, The Row x Superga sneakers was perhaps only a matter of time. After all, The Row doesn’t have a shoe line of its own (yet – surely there’s one coming), and the simple, traditional sneaker styles favored by Superga fit in well with how the Olsens, particularly Ashley, who prefers flat, comfortable shoes from Birkenstocks to Celine espadrilles for her everyday activities. Well, The Row’s Superga sneakers have landed.

Considering how utterly expensive everything that The Row makes is, the shoes’ prices – $250 for low tops, $295 for high tops in materials like faille, linen and cashmere – don’t seem all that astronomical. After all, plenty of designer brands charge more than that for similar shoes. For a regular pair of Superga sneakers, though, you’d pay only a paltry $65, which is a comparison that’s hard to argue with. The Row is known for using excellent materials, so the sneakers are no doubt made of the highest quality textiles and finished with the best hardware, but for a regular fashion fan, it might be hard to justify the difference in price.

Superga Classic Cotu Sneakers
$65 via ShopBop

Superga Classic Cotu Sneakers

The Row x Superga Faille Sneakers
$250 via Barneys

The Row Faille Low Top Sneakers
  • echo

    I still prefer the original, way better than the row’s pair.

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