Gucci Victoire Buckle Sandal

Shoes, especially modern designer shoes, are an exercise in design extremes. How high can a heel be before the human foot can’t handle the pitch of a shoe’s sole? How tall can a platform be before everyone falls over? How high can we make a boot shaft before it’s basically a pair of pants? In the past few years, nearly all of those questions have been answered by some kind of high-profile footwear master (usually Christian Louboutin), and with this Gucci Victoire Buckle Sandal, we’ve answered yet another one – how minimalist can a stiletto really be?

This shoe completely lacks a platform, as you’ve likely already noticed, and the heel is over four inches tall; that’d be a hard angle for even the most ardent of heel-wearers. It’s made even harder by what’s holding your foot onto the sole – almost nothing. The upper consists of the barest of straps across the toes, plus a rather thick strap around the ankle. We’ve seen plenty of similar shoes on the market this season – this look is a bona fide trend – but none have been quite this bare at quite this height. If you’d like to add a pair of these shoes to your closet (they are, admittedly, extremely sexy), then you best be doing your ankle-strengthening exercises now. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $695.

  • Sandra

    These are beauties….I almost purchased them but just as you state in the above….could I actually walk in them? I ended up purchasing Valentino Rock Stud pumps, equally beautiful but a whole lot more support.

  • I actually own these, most say their not that high and super easy to walk-in when compared to my CL pigalles. Gucci making a come back with this new spring collection…love it!

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