Oscar de la Renta Embellished Canvas Slippers

It occurred to me that we hadn’t played our Fill in the Blank reindeer games in a while, and today, the perfect opportunity happened to present itself by way of the Oscar de la Renta Embellished Canvas Slippers. Despite the name (and the shape), these shoes aren’t meant for padding around the house; instead, they’re like a very fancy flat mule, meant for wear during any casual mule activities you might encounter. Except…what is a casual mule activity? I haven’t the faintest.

Net-a-Porter seems a little confused about these shoes as well. Normally, NAP styles everything it sells with some kind of fancy outfit to show how it would ideally be worn, but these shoes simply got paired with a chambray button-down and a straight yellow skirt. I find it almost comforting that even the pros at such a prestigious fashion retailer seemed a little stumped. Oscar de la Renta makes clothes, shoes and accessories for an extremely rarified customer, though, and perhaps us plebes just don’t know what’s going on here because we don’t need to know.

Still, I feel as lost as I would when staring at a formal place setting with four spoons. Fancy flat mules, how do they work? And where does one wear them? Explain your theories in the comments or pick up a pair of your own for $545 via Net-a-Porter.

  • I’d wear them at a fancy pajama party, if such a thing exist in the real world.

  • I live in an area of Mexico where the weather is insanely hot and humid and I’m used to seeing people around in mules almost daily, my mom has a pair of Ferragamo mules she always wears, they’re not as detailed as these, but I can see then being an everyday shoe option.

  • David

    I imagine them worn by an old rich woman in her upper east side appartment, or to an art gallery openning… Or on holidays around the hotel

  • unze.co.uk

    Nice working thanks for sharing keep it up. i am also interest in ladies Slippers

  • nappy

    id be in an oasis in the middle of the desert wearing the sheerest kaftan and tese amazing slippers, and of course a great tan

  • Candace

    My grave!!!

  • lakeshow

    with a long silk dress for a late evening, beachside dinner in the south of france

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