Giuseppe Zanotti Bow-Detailed Suede Sandals

There was a time when the Giuseppe Zanotti Bow-Detailed Suede Sandals wouldn’t look like quite the oddity they do today. That time was about three years ago, when the footwear industry was in the midst of an arms race of sorts to see who could build the highest platform that women would actually spends $800 on. Christian Louboutin mostly won that fight, as he tends to do when platforms are involved, but I’m not sure he won the war. As fashion tends to do, preferences have now swung back the other one – single-sole pumps are the look that everyone wants to have. Now we want to know: do you still lust after shoes that boost you an extra six (or six-and-a-half, if we’re talking about the shoes above) inches?

For me, the issue of a platform has more to do with the heel than with the platform itself. When paired with a stiletto, like the Giuseppe Zanotti Bow-Detailed Suede Sandals, the platforms now look like a dressed-up (sometimes barely) version of the traditional stripper heel. They always looked like that, of course, but when that’s what everyone’s wearing, it feels acceptable. Also more acceptable is a big platform paired with a thick heel, even if it’s very high – the proportion feels more balanced and modern. That’s what it’s all about, of course – feeling current is half the battle, and a big platform with a skinny stiletto just feels old. It’ll feel new again in 10 years, undoubtedly.

So have you moved on, or do you still don your platform stilettos proudly? If you do, pick up the Zanottis above for $895 via Net-a-Porter.

  • yes

  • I don’t actually own a pair of platform stiletto’s, platforms with chunky heels = love though! I do really think this Giuseppe Zanotti pair is gorgeous – there’s a trashy way of doing stiletto platforms and there’s a trendy way and this is definitely the latter. As with everything – some things work, some things don’t so we shouldn’t disregard all stiletto platforms with one statement.

  • I find these heels and their Louboutin counterpart, the Daffodiles, utterly repelling. They’re not classy, they’re chunky and frankly cheapen every look, I am so happy that single-soles pumps are trendy again.

  • Sandra

    I much prefer the single sole shoe….the look is more graceful and sophisticated. I will however continue to wear my more reasonable platforms. (the extreme platform like the pair pictured above just look street walker to me).

  • shueaddict

    I have retired my Zanotti platforms peep toe heelps about 2 years ago (I just know they will come back again) – and I was so sick of platforms I swore I’d not buy any … until this Jan sales when I snatched some adorable chuncky heels Miu Miu black suede pumps with glitter soles , I tell you I am in looooove with them – wore them to quite a few parties and they are difinitely a stand out.
    To my chagrain I think the platforms are here to stay … even if deemed pasee.

  • Jen

    YES!!! Especially the YSL that every blogger/celebrity on the planet has had at one time or another. They look clunky and not proportioned correctly. But hey, that’s just me. I like more of a subtle platform.

  • abbs

    they look hoovish. Have always thought this. I wear no more than 1 inch platforms, beyond that is gross, the aesthetics disappear. Please make the hooves go away!

  • Lori

    They have and always will look like hooker shoes to me. I know some people can pull them off in a less trashy way and they can look nice, but overall, hooker. The single sole shoes are so lovely.

  • Mac

    Stripper shoes

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