Loeffler Randall Tucker Espadrille Sneakers

Today, I cannot be subdued. Yes, it’s back in the low 50s in New York City. Yes, a pair of ankle boots would be more appropriate. This far into spring, though, I’m just not interested in the objective reality of the weather. I will wear my spring shoes, including my Loeffler Randall x Tucker Odile Espadrille Sneakers, and there’s nothing that you or Mother Nature or anybody can do about it. I ordered these shoes in January, and I’ve had them in my possession for over a month. They WILL be worn.

Of course, I did get to break them in for a few days last week when spring actually acted like spring for an exceedingly brief moment in time, and now I’m addicted. Shoes like these generally make me a bit nervous, because they need to be worn without socks, which can be a painful experience when it comes to stiff canvas. After my feet warmed them up, though, it’s been a painless experience, unlike pretty much any other pair of canvas sneakers I’ve ever broken in. Not to mention that these are far cuter – the Tucker floral print is pretty without being twee, and the slightly tapered shape of the toe and the espadrille sole make this design unique. Espadrilles, of course, are a huge trend for spring.

I grew up wearing Keds and Converse, so normally, $195 for a pair of canvas sneakers would feel a little silly to me. I’m genuinely impressed with the construction and quality of these shoes, though, and they feel more substantial and well-made than most of their less-expensive canvas counterparts. Without a doubt, I’d spend that $195 on these shoes again. You can pick up a pair of your own via ShopBop.

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