Givenchy Printed High Tops

I may be in the minority, but I don’t hate Kim Kardashian. I don’t even dislike her. I wouldn’t call myself a fan (mostly because I’m not sure what she does that requires the response of fandom), but she’s a perfectly amusing media presence that occasionally enriches my life through ridiculous tabloid stories. Lately, though, I find myself feeling a bit bad for Kim, which is an emotion I never expected to have. She’s pregnant, and from every angle, people are all up on her about her weight, her Givenchy getups, her unwillingness to be an ideal pregnant woman. Given how much Kim’s wardrobe changed when she got together with Kanye, he’s probably had some “input” as well. Amidst all this noise, I’d like to present a compromise: the Givenchy Printed High Top Sneakers.

We know all about Kim’s (and Kanye’s) love for Givenchy, and she’s worn a good bit of it since she got pregnant. I’m not of the belief that pregnant women should be pressured to stop wearing their high heels (although I do think we put too much pressure on women in general to always be in heels, and we should stop that, particularly for pregnant women), but for the vast majority of women, there comes a point when pregnancy changes your center of gravity enough that wearing them becomes treacherous. Not to mention, of course, that crazy foot-swelling sometimes makes it impossible.

For the knocked-up glamour puss, the designer sneaker trend has to be a godsend. Not only is it trendy to wear fancy high-tops with pants, but I’ve seen plenty of totally stylish people pull off the look with dresses as well. So I’m not saying Kim should wear these shoes, exactly, but when the time comes, if she so chooses, here they are. (Also, I want a pair, and I’m not even pregnant.) Buy through Net-a-Porter for $595.

  • Helena

    I think these are ugly shoes. Sorry 🙁 I’d still stick to thongs or flat sandals and flowy maxi or long skirts (ala Nicole Richie or Gwen Stefani) for pregnant outfits.

  • shueaddict

    hmmm, not my style, but they are cute and not so offensive looking like other high tops.
    I wore plenty of heels in my pregnancy, it is important to still be able to retain some sense of normalcy when you are experiencing the invasion of the body snatchers. Heck, my heels were the only thing I could still wear from my normal warderobe.

  • shueaddict

    Hmmm … not my style but I have to admit they are cute.

    I wore plenty of heels during my pregnancy. It was all I could do to retain some sense of my normal self while experiencing the invasion of the body snatchers.

  • vee

    ugly shoes.

  • These are, indeed, a great option for Kim Kardashian – or any pregnant woman. They’re stylish, they’re designer, and they’re super comfortable. We also recommend trying MICHAEL Michael Kors’ Glam Studded Sneaker in Champaign Leather. The metallic color and bedazzled straps can enhance any outfit – maternity or otherwise. They’re perfect for the extra support, whether you’re carrying a baby, a basketball, or dozens of shopping bags – and you’ll look great no matter the situation.

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