Sophia Webster Blake Leopard Mesh Tie Sandals

In case you’re not yet familiar with British designer Sophia Webster’s wacky, whimsical footwear, now’s the time to start paying attention. We wrote a bit of a primer on Webster’s shoes a while back, and buoyed by the success of fellow inventive Brits Charlotte Olympia and Nicholas Kirkwood, the relatively new brand is starting to crop up at retailers all over the US. Sophia’s shoes are “a lot of look,” to use the parlance of the inimitable Tim Gunn, but they’re also great fun.

Designers have attempted here and there to construct a shoe that would make the wearer’s foot look like the skin of a wild animal, and this sandal comes as close to any I’ve seen (if you’re a pale white woman, anyway – the ivory mesh might look like nude pantyhose on anyone with significant melanin). If you’re part of the apparnetly growing number of women who digs exactly this sort of sassy footwear, then the best part is the price – where similar brands run quickly into the four figures, almost all of Webster’s shoes are in the mid-to-high three figures. You can pick up this pair for $680 via Neiman Marcus.

  • She’s amazing. The quirk factor have never looked more desirable!

  • shueaddict

    very cool, it would definitely spice up a LBD, in fact anything

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