Chrissie Morris Holographic Tie Sandals

Ok, so I understand that mermaids don’t have feet. That’s an inherent flaw in mermaids. If they did have feet, though, I’m almost positive that they’d love the Chrissie Morris Holographic Tie Sandals. This particular combination of aqua, teal and a shimmering finish can’t bring to mind anything but the most beautiful of mythic ocean creatures, can it? There’s probably a reference to be made here about Ariel’s footwear choices after giving up her voice.

Alternately, I could see these shoes involved in some sort of ocean-themed dance routine; possibly an Annette Funicello tribute on Dancing with the Stars? They’re approximately the right shape for dancing – plenty of support around the ankle and a somewhat modest heel – and they certainly feel right. After all, where else does a shoe-lover get to be some thematic, other than a performance that requires an elaborate costume? Of course, I also wouldn’t fault anyone for pairing these shoes with slim white jeans and a chambray shirt for an elevated weekend look this summer. Buy through ShopBop for $795.

  • shueaddict

    love the colors, hate the laces

  • sara

    So different and fun. Love the colors.

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