Miu Miu Patent Leather Platform Jeweled Pumps

Looking back, the 90s feel like a simpler time. Celebrities had body fat and lacked hair extensions, grunge was fashionable and no one expected anybody to teeter around in five-inch stilettos. All of that stuff has changed considerably in the last 20 years, but if you’re feeling particularly nostalgic, fashion is starting to come back around to the conventions of the day. (Just ask Hedi Slimane.) If you’d like to get started on your 90s look for summer, well, look no further than Miu Miu.

Miu Miu has been playing with chunky heel and sole shapes for a few seasons now, so perhaps these shoes were an inevitable eventuality. These sandals make it look like there’s perhaps some kind of Clueless remake going on that Miuccia Prada’s doing the costumes for, and a few of the footwear designs made it to the mass market. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though – Clueless is a great encapsulation of a very particular fashion moment, beyond just being a hilarious teen-movie classic, and sometimes a throwback is fun. These shoes remind me a lot of the shoe shapes I loved when I was first becoming aware of things like fancy shoes, and for that, they’ll always give me a bit of nostalgia. Not enough to buy them, of course, but looking is free.

Miu Miu Patent Leather Platform Mary Janes
$890 via MyTheresa


Miu Miu Embellished Platform Mules
$1,185 via MyTheresa

Miu Miu Embellished Platform Mules

Miu Miu Satin Platform Mules
$1,150 via MyTheresa

Miu Miu Satin Platform Mules

Miu Miu Patent Leather Platform Jeweled Sandals
$1,100 via MyTheresa

Miu Miu Patent Leather Platform Jeweled Pumps
  • LOL!!! All I see is Clueless and Jawbreaker!!!

  • Sandra

    Miu Miu is either fab or completely hideous..nothing in between. These are completely hideous. I would not wear them if they were free!

  • Ajax Dandelion

    There’s a rhinestone missing from the yellow shoes, you can see where the rhinestone should go if you look towards the left on the front of the shoe.

  • monica palma

    wow! the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this, before I read the article, was actually clueless!!!! not just the movie, I loved the TV show too

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