Altuzarra Ikat Crepe de Chine Pumps

A lot of people associate warm colors like pink, orange and yellow with warm weather, but for me, the combination that calls to mind spring and summer the most is blue and white. Maybe it’s because my southern upbringing was full of slightly preppy influences (no matter how much I resisted them), or maybe it’s because I associate those colors with linen (for reasons I can’t entirely explain). Probably, though, it’s because white and blue evoke the beach for me – white sand, blue water, what else could you want? Other than the Altuzarra Ikat Crepe de Chine Pumps, that is.

Usually I dislike it when a high-end shape is redone in a print or tetile that’s more commonplace; the resulting product is usually kitschy instead of clever, and I prefer both elements to be present in order for me to consider buying a product. In this instance, though, Altuzarra has taken a note from the Oscar de la Renta Guide to Print Use, and ikat made over in crepe de chine feels both high-end and warm weather-appropriate. Single-sole pumps are a huge look for the season, and this is the pair I’d like to have right now. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $680.


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