Kim Kardashian wears Gucci Patent Ankle Cuff Sandals in black (3)

Just last week I was applauding Kim Kardashian for wearing reasonable Balenciaga flats while pregnant instead of mile-high platform pumps, but it seems this week she’s strapping herself back into the stiletto-heeled strappy Gucci Patent Ankle Cuff Sandals. Here she is rocking Gucci (and that burgeoning baby bump) all over NYC, doing Kardashian-type things, of course. Regardless of the context, I do love these shoes – especially that iconic Gucci horsebit. You can snatch up these sandals in bright pink for $850 at Net-a-Porter.

Kim’s been getting a lot of flack for being, well, pregnant recently – which is pretty unjustified. In case you aren’t aware, women sometimes balloon up when they’re with child – we can’t all carry a baby like it’s an elegant little beach ball under our shirts. Can everyone please stop hating on Kim for a little pregnancy-induced bloating?

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  • FashionableLena

    I’ve seen comments about her, but some were Kim/Kardashian Klan haters already. For me, I hate seeing her stuff her pregnant body in regular clothes. They’re too tight and not figure flattering at all. Besides, I’m sure that there are any number of designers that would custom make her some maternity clothes. I’m surprised that she hasn’t started a maternity line.
    And, those shoes are pretty sexy.

  • Sandra

    The Gucci shoes are perfect! I think she should wear whatever makes her happy….yes, she is preggers and a little large but honestly…should she wear a tent?

    • I am by no means saying she should wear a tent! It’s just not really advisable for preggers ladies to wear high heels, for a variety of reasons.

      • ericadr

        i have two kids and wore all my high heels the whole time i was pregnant with both. some of us just aren’t flats girls… and sometimes when you’re growing by the day, you still want to feel and look cute, including fitted clothing and high heels. if she was having swelling and other foot issues while pregnant, she would be in flats, no one wants to be uncomfortable, but apparently, she’s still good in her heels, i say, rock them!

  • Abbi

    I think Kim looks pretty well put together here…nice to see she is evolving from louboutin’s…

  • fcomemierda

    She is a pro in high heels , if she is comfortable in high heels she should continue to wear them.

  • Debbie

    Anyone can wear anything they want. With that said, what Kim K does so well is the casual chic look. For other looks, I just don’t think that tight dresses are always the answer to showing off your body, let alone when you’re preggers. There are much more fashionable and flattering ways to show the baby bump. Like I say about her lip fillers, less is more.

  • Bookishone

    Kim is a grown woman. She should wear what ever the heck she wants…and she does. The good news for everyone who hates her clothes? YOU’RE NOT WEARING THEM SO CALM DOWN. And I gotta say, even if I was 9 months pregnant or in the hospital critically ill and got a chance to wear half the shoes she wears I would get some help to shove that S#!& on my feet even if I was unconscious!

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