Charlotte Olympia Tinseltown Wedge Sandals

You can say a lot about Charlotte Olympia, but you can’t say that she doesn’t take advantage of the space that’s available to her. Shoe designers have it kind of rough – they’re constrained by both the essential structure of a functional shoe and its inherently limited size, and out of those constraints have come some fantastically inventive ways to make an impact with only a little bit of leather and a lot of ingenuity. Charlotte Olympia is among the brands that does it best, and the Charlotte Olympia Tinseltown Wedge Sandals are a strong example of exactly why that is.

Sometimes I think that the only reason designer Charlotte Dellal makes these enormous wedge sandals every season is to maximize her canvas on which to create. Dellal has the capacity for subtlety, but quite honestly, I like her best when she doesn’t exercise it – we have enough shoe designers make tasteful, simple kicks. They’ve got the market cornered. You know which market isn’t cornered? Giant wedges with words written on them. I can only hope that these shoes become a full-on Charlotte Olympia series; I can almost see the Big Apple pair now, can’t you? It isn’t fair that only Los Angeles should get the sparkly sandal treatment. Buy through Nordstrom for $1,195.

  • Wow, the day has come I don’t like a Charlotte Olympia shoe. However, I admire her for her ability to come up with these quirky designs.

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