Two Strap Bare Summer Sandals

Generally, the only way that summer is minimal is in the amount of clothing which we’re all not wearing when we’re outside. From an aesthetic standpoint, spring and summer’s bright colors, prints and natural textures tend to lend themselves to a more maximal look, particularly once you add sun-fearing accessories like wide-brimmed hats and big sunglasses. This summer, though, one part of your look is going to be very minimal, if designers get their way: your shoes.

Designers at every point in the footwear price range are betting that you’ll need but two measly straps to hold your feet in place for the next few months, and although we covered the thick ankle strap trend, these shoes take things to the next, even more minimalist, level. Be cautioned, though – high heels this bare are only for the professionals among us because they offer little support or structure for the foot. If you’re brave enough, check out our picks below.

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  • David

    im surprised the manolo blahnik “chaos” wasn’t featured

  • Those Jason Wu look so stripper-esque! The best ones are Gucci, Saint Laurent and Marni

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