Diane Kruger wears Loeffler Randall Paige Neon Sandals to Good Morning America in New York (5)

Diane Kruger recently paid a visit to the Good Morning America studios wearing bright, strappy Loeffler Randall Paige Neon Sandals. These shoes are from Loeffler Randall’s line from last spring, and considering that Diane is a special fave of Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld and numerous other designers, the fact that she’s wearing these shoes almost a year after their debut must mean she loves them a lot. It’s cool to see a celeb actually getting some traction out of her designer wares. Also cool: Loeffler Randall shoes aren’t as outrageously priced as your typical celeb designer footwear. You can check out their goodies at LoefflerRandall.com.

Diane not only has fab taste in shoes, she also has exquisite taste in bags – you can sample her collection in “The Many Bags of Diane Kruger” on PurseBlog!

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