Kim Kardashian Balenciaga Arena Brogue Perforated Ballet Flats

It’s such a relief to see a pregnant starlet wear a reasonable shoe instead of forcing her swollen ankles into a pair of six-inch Louboutins. Kim Kardashian has been on the go a great deal recently, jetting from Paris to NYC to LA and back for business reasons unknown. (I’m sure we’ll all find out what’s up during the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!) She was most recently spotted at JFK wearing Balenciaga Arena Brogue Perforated Ballet Flats and carrying a matching Balenciaga Baby Daim Suede City Bag. You can pick up a pair of these lambskin flats in several different shades for $535 at Neiman Marcus. Her Balenciaga bag can be had for $1,545 at Barneys.

Is it just me, or is Kim’s fiendish obsession with black becoming a tad unsettling? Givenchy isn’t for every occasion, Kim – would someone please get this chick a colorful, floral maternity dress, STAT?

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  • laura

    I love the bag and the flats but she looks ridiculous

  • Helena

    I think shes wearing a lot of blacks because she thinks it’s slimming and that she doesnt want to look big. It can be hard for her because honestly, even before pregnant, she was pretty chunky and shes not that tall. But why wont she try a flowy maxi dress or flowy skirt and thongs or flat sandals. She can also try different colors preferrably light colors for once. I really love nicole richie’s and gwen stefani’s look when they were pregnant.

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