Cutout Shoes and Sandals for Spring

During my adolescence, I never tanned well enough to use the “tan tattoo” stickers that the popular girls in school used to make shapes on themselves in the sun on spring break. The most popular ones that I can remember were palm trees and Playboy’s bunny logo – you stuck them on yourself, went tanning, and hours later, peeled them off to reveal a pale shape on your skin that would remain until you tanned over it. By my estimation, the adult version of that is either a bathing suit with a weird neckline or a pair of cutout sandals.

Now that we’re all adults with (hopefully) the good sense not to put stickers on ourselves and go bake in the sun, a pair of fancy shoes with geometric cutouts might be the next best options. After all, if you’re going to have weird tan lines, at least you’ll be able to explain shoe-related stripes by telling people that they’re from your new Jimmy Choos. We’ve assembled some of the best examples of the trend below.

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