Coach Online Shoe Closet

Before we get into the awesome Spring 2013 Coach Online Shoe Closet, I have to ask – do you own any Coach shoes? If not, I’d highly recommend the brand’s footwear, even if you don’t like its bags. I have multiple pairs of Coach boots that I’ve worn year after year, including a pair of summer sandals that I’ve worn almost religiously since I graduated college. I can say from my own experience that Coach shoes are well-made, reasonably priced and quite comfortable. If you haven’t looked at the line lately, you’ll probably also be surprised at how stylish the shoes are.

Actually, that’s part of what I like about Coach’s new online shoe setup. By putting its spring shoes in this covetable lineup, it helps to remove a little bit of the “Coach” context from them and allow the consumer to see them as shoes. That’ll be a boon to customers who view the brand unfavorably, which is probably part of Coach’s goal – with all these shoes lined up like candies in a box, it’s hard not to get caught up. I wish the closet was more shoppable – that the product page popped up when you clicked on a particular pair instead of the shoe homepage – but I’ll take what I can get, I suppose. Check out our collection favorites, none of which cost more than $250, below or shop the shoe closet via

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  • baglover

    I agree. Coach boots are fantastic. I have several pairs and they are very comfortable and have held up really well. I have several flats and like them also. Coach shoes are great for the price point and if you get them on sale and use a discount code they are FANTASTIC!!!!!

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