Acne Pistol Metallic Booties

I know, I know, it’s spring. I shouldn’t be obsessed with a pair of Acne Pistol Booties right now, and yet I am. As much as I’ve been writing about spring shopping lately (and trying to will myself into doing a little bit of my own), I have this weird bootie obsession that’s left over from late winter and seems to be going nowhere. Maybe it’s because New York has yet to experience any actual spring weather to speak of, but all I want in my life and on my feet right now are a good pair of zip-up ankle booties.

I’ve acquired quite a few pairs of shoes that fit that description over the past few months (including a pair of Loeffler Randalls that are on my feet right now), but I think that this pair of silver Acne booties would be the crowning jewel atop my collection. So I sit here, at the end of March, contemplating a pair of shoes that I hopefully won’t even be able to wear in three weeks’ time. (Seriously, where is spring?) Or maybe, just maybe, I could become one of those “springtime boots” people for these shoes.

On a woman with legs longer than mine, these booties might make the perfect punctuation for floaty springtime dresses or shorts. Lord knows the Pistol bootie is a tried-and-true year-round stunner; models and fashion types love them, and from the times I’ve tried them on, they’re both comfortable enough to wear all day and tall enough to give you a bit of a lift. The mirrored silver color is totally seasonless, and the shaft of the boot doesn’t come up so high that it must be paired with pants. In essence, it’s perfect, and it will be mine. I’m just not sure if it’ll join my closet right now or when it goes on sale. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $570.

  • cchan2009

    I understand ur dilemma. I have the same problem too. I bought 5 pairs of ankle boots this winter and see no sign of slowing down. I love these pistol boots as well….

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