Charlotte Olympia Kitty Velvet Slippers

Creating a hit shoe requires some good design, good timing and a bit of alchemy. If you miss any of those three things, sorry – better luck next time. Rarely do all three convene, but for the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Velvet Slippers, they did. The success of the design only continues to grow, and although it might seem like a novelty shoe at first blush, with a bit of examination, it’s not hard to divine exactly why these shoes keep coming back, season after season, to complete the collections of eager customers.

First, they’re easy to wear. Charlotte Olympia was one of the first designers on the loafer/smoking slipper trend, and it’s here for a reason – even the most ardent of stiletto fanatics need a flat shoe every now and then, even if only because their orthopedists require it. For most of us, nice-looking flats have been few and far between in the era of the double and triple platform, but finally, flats feel modern, particularly when inspired by menswear, as these are.

Olympia’s cat flats play on the traditional smoking slipper shape to create ears, and then the rest of the face on the shoe’s vamp follows from there. It’s a winking, feminine touch to a shoe that’s traditional made for men, and the velvet adds a note of both luxury and kitsch that the best Charlotte Olympia shoes tend to embody. If you don’t have a pair yet, pick them up for $595 in three colors.

  • cchan2009

    To be honest….

    I love cute and themed shoes but these are just not that interesting to me. I love the Marc Jacob’s mouse flats (any one is great because it is an artistic interpretation of the cute little mouse). But these…I couldn’t even recognized that they are cats at first. I think they look like someone just prank draw a face onto the shoe and sewn them in. On top of that in velvet…too ugly for me.

  • vee

    i like these i prefer her zodiac collection though i doubt the hardware would last.

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