Alexander Wang Aline Leather Sandals

Do you see sock garters when you look at the Alexander Wang Aline Leather Sandals? I do, sort of. We’ve seen plenty of strappy sandals before (and this season, the focus is on one type of strap in particular), but this takes those trends to their logical extremes. At least until someone does a thigh-high version of this sandal, anyway. Who knows, that might be coming for Spring 2014. For the moment, though, we’ll all have to settle for knee straps.

With strict leather bands and a graphic white palette, this design definitely goes a long way toward exploring Wang’s more minimal side. A single strip of leather that snakes up the back of the wearer’s calf connects the knee strap to the rest of the shoe, which is constructed from a thick heel and a few more perpendicular leather bands. On the model wearing the shoes at Net-a-Porter, the look seems far more wearable than you’d expect, and not at all like the Archie Bunker-era sock garters that the shoes brought to mind on their own. The problem, though, is that this leather isn’t stretchy, so the back strap is likely to bend and buckle as you move. Still, if you plan on mostly standing up (and standing still), it’s kind of a neat idea, or at least more interesting than I was initially prepared to admit.

I don’t know that I’d go out and spend full price on these shoes, but if I found a pair at the end-of-season sales for a hefty discount, I’d probably at least try them on and consider them as a fun, modern novelty item. Would you? If so, pick up a pair for $695 via Net-a-Porter.

  • Sandra

    I think that Alexander Wang certainly provided the best option if you like the “leg brace” shoes that several designers have offered this season, Jimmy Choo/Tom Ford. I think I will pass but they are interesting and I am a fan of AW.

  • The look so uncomfortable… the toe straps look VERY dangerous.

  • In reality, these shoes are too darn difficult to pull off, they won’t flatter the average woman’s legs.

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