Valentino Rockstud PVC Bow Thong Sandal

I used to be such a flip-flop lover. When I lived in a warm climate and drove everywhere, nary a spring or summer day would pass without a pair of Havaianas for my feet. When I moved to New York and sold my car, though, everything changed after I saw the number that the city pavement (not to mention the city filth) did on my feet. Now I can’t imagine paying $15 for flip-flops, let alone the $295 that Bergdorf Goodman is asking for these Valentino Rockstud PVC Bow Thong Sandals.

Designer wares are inherently ridiculously priced, but $295 for a pair of rubber flip flops is almost ballsy. Of course, it’s important for large brands to have things in this price point; it allows them to entice in new, young customers who may one day pick up a pair of higher-dollar shoes (or several pairs). These pieces are also great for the brand’s super-regular customers, who have money to burn and may think it adorable to throw in a pair of Valentino flip-flops for their next vacation. It’s not that I don’t understand why they exist, it’s just that…well, it’s still 300 bucks for rubber flip-flops, even if the brand or retailer prefer not to use that term to describe them.

Which brings us, of course, to my question of the day: Do you wear flip-flops, and if you do, what’s the maximum that you could allow yourself to spend on them, even if they were the most resplendent flip-flops of all time?

If these Valentinos tickle your fancy, pick ’em up at Bergdorfs for $295.

  • David

    i wear havianas all year round, the most ive spent was 80 something for missoni ones, i wouldn’t spend over 100.

  • laura

    I love havianas, they are so cute and their price is very reasonable.
    Last year I bought a pair of Tory Burch thong sandals for $50 and I thought it would be the most I would pay for a pair of (non-leather) flip flops but now I have a serious crush on these Valentinos, I want them in black or nude. I know the price is crazy expensive for rubber shoes but I love them. should I get them?

  • Oh come on this is ridiculous. I own flip flops with leather straps and I wear them every summer for 3 years now and I bought them 10 euros or something.

  • Pinkgirl

    i live in a city by the Mediterranean, so got access to the beach all summer, plus i go on vacation to different locations around the Mediterranean… so i would definitely get me a pair of those because they’re so cute and practical for the day with a long summer dress!! Mus-have in my collection!

  • Natalie

    I got a pair of these in black last winter, they were on sale for about $190 in one of their boutiques. They are super high quality and look as good as new even though I have worn them for an entire summer + little bit of fall. Worth the money.

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