Spring 2013 White Shoes Trend

For a trend that is purported to be so huge for spring, I’ve sure been having a difficult time finding white shoes. I’ve seen several retailers promote the color as THE shoe to have (and after seeing the spoils of a friend’s shopping trip in which she bought a pair of impeccable white Miu Mius, I tend to agree), so where are they? I’ve had my eye on a couple of pairs that quickly sold out, so perhaps white pumps are simply being snapped up more quickly than retailers expected. With that in mind, we set out to find the best of the best, and I’d like to think we succeeded.

Beyond the traditional care issues with wearing a light color on your feet, this new crop of white pumps aren’t at all like the white shoes that you might associate with weddings, nurses or your grandmother’s Easter church clothes. Along with the light color comes a healthy dose of both modernism and simplicity, which makes the best of these sleek kicks seem more futuristic than old-fashioned. Below, check out some solid ways to get the look at every price point. (Seriously, from sub-$100 to over a grand. We’ve got you covered.)

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  • Sandra

    The white shoe is a trend that I will not be participating in. You have several beautiful shoes pictured (CL or AW), I would just prefer to purchase them in another color.

  • shueaddict

    As a general rule white shoes freak me out and not just because I live in a dusty city. But then I saw these A. Wang “Aline” sandals on netaporter … I might make an exception for them come sales time (paying the full 770 EUR for white shoes is a bit rich)

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