Ashley Olsen wears Celine Black Calf Hair Espadrilles

Here’s Ashley Olsen, completely jumping the gun on spring by donning her Celine Calf Hair Espadrille Slippers just a few weeks too early. Celine goodies are never available online, but you can pick up a pair of these shoes right now at basically any department store that carries Celine (we’ve seen them at Barneys in particular) for $495 in both black and leopard.

We were JUST waxing poetic about Celine and our other fave designer espadrilles last week, but we didn’t expect to see them in the wild quite so soon – especially in NYC, where it is still far from espadrille weather. But of course, what other espadrilles could you possibly pair with a fur coat, if not a Celine calf hair espadrille? (The obvious answer of course, would be NO espadrilles, but I’m sure we’ll all be doing this in 3 years time. So it goes with Olsen fashion.)

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  • pickaname

    are we sure it’s not mk? her hair looks brushed like ash but the duck lips are throwing me….

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