Salvatore Ferragamo Sunshine Jelly Bow Sandals

I know that some people hate jelly shoes, but I’ve always thought they had their place. While I wouldn’t suggest wearing a pair to the office (unless you work at a swim-up desk, and if you do, are you hiring?), a cute pair of jellies at a cookout or beach party is a totally reasonable alternative to a pair of leather shoes that might get ruined or canvas shoes that might get soggy. In context, a jelly can make sense. So why do I want to wear the Salvatore Ferragamo Sunshine Bow Jelly Sandals absolutely everywhere?

This shoe doesn’t even match my personal style, so my obsession (and it is indeed an obsession) makes even less sense than it otherwise might. These shoes are so sparklingly and absolutely feminine that I’d have to buy a whole new dress to go with them, but hey, I could do that. I’ve bought dresses for worse reasons. I’ve worn plenty of pairs of rubber sandals in my life, so I’m not worried about these shoes being particularly uncomfortable because they’re jelly. There’s something about the blush pink color, the thick, gilded heel and the perfect metal bow that just make so much sense together, even if they wouldn’t make much sense on my foot. I’m willing to deal with that for these shoes.

Is anyone else getting that feeling, or has my burning desire for the advent of warm weather overwhelmed my sense of logic? Let me know in the comments, or pick up a pair of these sandals for $225 via Neiman Marcus.

  • ahot

    They are absolutely gorgeous! Me want them too.

  • shueaddict

    Amanda, this is why I love this blog … few clicks later these jelly babies were mine. I have not seen them on the ferragamo online shop … which I check religiously.
    From ski boots yesterday to fancy jellies next weekend … LOVE IT!!!
    Keep up digging for more gems.

  • shews

    Love Ferragamo, bought these at beren shoes and was so happy to see them on your site! Great articles thanks!!

  • vee

    they are very cute.

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