Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 Shoes (1)

Because of her pregnancy, Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton was supposed to take something of a break this season; instead of a full show, it would be a tightly edited set of 10 looks. As it turned out, though, Burton squeezed a season (or more) worth of detail and perfection into those ten looks, giving her appreciative audience pearl-encrusted pieces that would look proper only on long-dead European royalty and that would have perhaps felt more at home during Paris Couture Week instead of at a ready-to-wear show. And even then, these incredibly intricate pieces likely still would have taken everyone’s breath away.

The entire show is worth a close look, but naturally, we’re here to focus on shoes. The shapes harkened back to European nobility of the Elizabethan era with a few Papal notes mixed in, and they were covered with pearls, crystals and metal breastplates (if a shoe can have a breastplate) that blended them seamlessly with the clothing they punctuated. All the description in the world doesn’t really do these shoes justice, though; you simply have to see them.

[Images via Vogue]

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  • vee

    as long as they stay on the runway. but i love mcqueen,

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